4th LiMYT Hub Event
Successfully Done!

Oct 25th(Fri)・26th(Sat)
Asagaya Jazz Street 2013

We have done the 4th LiMYT Hub Event at Asagaya Jazz Street 2013.

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We’d like to thank all the people who all the way came to see our show. See you next year again!


LiMYT will join the Asagaya Jazz Street with Ichiba Assgaya Studio again.

As a new challenge, we will hold several seminars and workshops with Jazz Vocal Academy of Japan (JVA) organized by friends from Berklee, and our educational section called Eleven Forty Music Academy (1140MA).

The workshop has been held under cooperation between two schools from this June, and will be completed on this event.

To forge next generation musicians which is one of LiMYT's basic concepts, we would like to let some students perform at the stage on the 2nd day as a professional with us.

As we did last times, now we are planning the event where you could feel at home. Please come with your family, kids and friends!

4th LiMYT Hub Event

LiMYT with Asagaya Ichiba Studio

& Jazz Vocal Academy of Japan (JVA)

@Asagaya Jazz Street 2013

On Friday Oct 25th and Saturday Oct 26th


At Asagaya Ichiba Studio

YS Descendants bldg. 2F, 3-37-10, Asagaya Minami, Suginami-ku

【Friday, Oct 25th】

◆Let’s play music and sing♬

①Enjoy Jazz & Band Experience Seminar 12:50-13:50

②Kids Corner 13:55-14:15

Charge:1,500 Yens for ①+② (with one drink and snack)

One free drink upon presenting AJS Passport. Free charge for under junior high students

No need for any music experiences. If you are interested in jazz but don’t know about it so much, we’d like to show you how jazz is formed, how it sounds, how it’s performed etc. In the latter half of the seminar we would like to perform some easy pieces with you, and do some rhythmic play with kids.

Family with kids, senior people, those who wanna try on musical instruments, those who wanna sing with bands those who wanna take a pic with instruments... we welcome all the people who love music! ♪

◆Seminar for enrolling in Berklee College of Music 14:20-15:20

Charge:1,500 Yens (with one drink and snack) One free drink upon presenting AJS Passport.

We’d like to hold a seminar for prospective students who wanna enroll in Berklee College of Music. Presentators from the college will discuss various things regarding study in Berklee; from enrolling prep to daily life in the college, post graduation based on their own experiences. (We might hold a jam session too, please bring your instruments with you. )

◆Ensemble Workshop 15:30-18:10

This is an open workshop based on small (vocal) ensemble classes held in Beklee College of Music. If you are interested in what kind of classes the college is giving, you can see it here.

(You can see the reports of former workshop sessions from this link in Japanese. )


Kentaro Kaneko(g)Kazuhiro Masuda(p)Taro Koike(b)Shigeji Ishii(ds), etc.


2,000 Yens (with one drink and snack) One free drink upon presenting AJS Passport.

【Saturday, Oct 26th】



Ginza Gree Club(vo)/Sa-na/Tomiko Sawada(vo)/KyokoYanabe(vo)/Eriko Nanba(vo)/Yayoi Handa(vo)/Masami Fukuda(vo)/Yu Watabiki(vo), Yuma Sugiki(g)Kazuhiro Maeda(g) Takahisa Sakuma(b)

Guest Performer:Yukiko Miyazaki(vo)、RIO(vo)

LiMYT Project Band

Kentaro Kaneko(g)Kazuhiro Masuda(p)Taro Koike(b)Shigeji Ishii(ds)


Afternoon Session 12:50-15:30 Evening Session 16:10-18:50

Charge:3,000 Yens per a session (with one drink and snack) One free drink upon presenting AJS Passport.

We will perform various kinds of vocal/instrumental music from 1930th standard jazz pieces to fusion music, original pieces.

For more details please contact at livemusicinyourtown@gmail.com

In addition...

This is a short movie from Sep 6th ensemble workshop. :D


Kazuhiro Masuda


Kentaro Kaneko


Taro Koike


Shigeji Ishii


[      ÷(     +     )]× 

×100 = LiMYT Project Band

Yuma Sugiki (Gt.)                 Kazuhiro Maeda (Gt.)              Takahisa Sakuma (Ba.)